New lighting design style for your home NO Maim Lamp Design


Nowadays, the new design style advocates no main lamp design. The traditional ceiling lamp can not match the fresh or industrial design style, and the art chandelier designed with the downlight and spotlight has become the mainstream of fashion.

It is light, exquisite, and does not take up space. It not only provides partial illumination, but also a good small chandelier that gives the living room a smart aesthetic.

how to design a home without a main lamp to meet the needs of modern people?

Modern people who advocate "simplicity for beauty" have been more inclined to use auxiliary light sources such as downlight, spotlight, floor lamp, track lamp, etc. to enrich the space level of home and create a more warm and aesthetic lighting effect.

Not all homes have a ceiling fitting in the living room, and if you have lots of natural light during the day, you might not need overhead light at all. But if you have the fitting, a central pendant or chandelier helps to zone the space and create a focus. Similarly, potlights or angled spotlights will create a even layer of overhead lighting. In the absence of any overhead lights, a large, arced floor lamp will do the trick.



If you watch TV in the living room, choose the surrounding lights carefully to avoid television glare. It can be distracting to have a bright overhead light above or in front of a TV set, so ensure ceiling lights are dimmable, or use offset wall sconces or floor lamps instead.